Assisted Housing Building

Bº de Tetuán. Madrid. España.

Built Area: 31.507m²

The district of Tetuán has a number of necessities to which the project responds. Urban voids are required that puffy a very dense plot, for which the construction is elevated to liberate public space. This makes the building a benchmark within a neighborhood without urban elements that articulate the area.

In addition the situation of the tower is privileged by the views that it has, both to the city and to the Sierra de Guadarrama: It is on a physical edge topped by the promenade of the direction from which begins a Vaguada occupied by the Parque Rodríguez Sahagún.

Finally, this area of Madrid is very degraded and for its recovery you need a broader perspective and no punctual actions without any global criterion, with unlucky results. The project is understood as a wake-up call to this problem, giving character to a boring neighborhood.

The characteristics of the building make it possible to be faced only from the public initiative, with the modifications of the urban regulations necessary for the construction of a singular building like this one that is intentionally oblivious to the criteria Economic that would have any conventional promotion and in which the important is the inhabitant, both the building and the neighborhood.

Obtaining a house in the tower would be subject to a number of objective parameters (elderly health status, heritage, proximity,..) and always for a limited time, until the old man ceased to need the services provided by the building.