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The most important points in our work are based on facing the orders in a non-preconceived way, under a creative work environment with different training and different points of view, intensely involving clients, users and the study, all based on good development of the project and a rigorous work control.

We are focused on working with basic architectural principles and fleeing fashions. It is a very important lesson that helps us face many of the distractions that surround us today.


In ALPHA-AIS we develop projects of enormous complexity. Air conditioning, fire detection, energy, telecommunications and auxiliary civil works. We differentiate the ability we have to integrate everything into a built work, taking into account all areas that are related to each of the facilities.

Interior design

Pure geometry, materials and functionality guide us when facing a project of this type.

We study each case to provide adequate solutions to each client, providing the home with spaces adapted to its occupants. We fuse Architecture with design to give functionality thinking in the smallest detail.

Furniture Design

When we design furniture we know the importance of the details. We carry out the development and design of the furniture for specific projects, trying to turn it into an element that is capable by itself of giving character to a space. From an exempt piece, a table, for example, to an element that divides the space, capable, versatile and in movement.

Project Management

We carry out integrated project management. Its purpose is to satisfy the professional needs of the promoters of the work, from the initial approaches to the completion of the work, ensuring the achievement of the objectives in economic terms, quality and term.
Our experience ranges from real estate to large international projects, both in Spain and abroad.


All the experience of these years is put at the service of construction, having executed complex works with quality standards and very demanding deadlines, achieving a very satisfactory result for our clients.