Reform and Extension of Montecelo Hospital

Pontevedra. España.

In colaboration with Árgola Arquitectos.

Built Area: 46.622m² (A)+17.533m²(R)

The need to transfer the services of the present Provincial Hospital of Pontevedra to Montecelo, thus generating a single hospital complex, gives rise to this project of reform and enlargement. It is necessary to build, to increase the functional program able to encompass the activities of both hospitals, and also to improve the medical services provided in the current hospital solving their problems and shortcomings.

Montecelo responds to the hospital model with base and tower. After suffering from different extensions and reforms over time, it consists of eleven plants, the three lower ones in direct contact with the terrain due to the particular topography of the plot. The first five plants contain the bulk of the hospital’s services, except the hospitalization units, which are located in the following five. The facilities are located on the top floor.

There will be a new parking building which increases in 1,500 seats the capacity of the resort.

There is only the possibility to undertake the expansion of Montecelo by the front of the hospital. The new building will adapt to the ground staggering to the primitive: the lower floor of the enlargement is located three levels below the ground floor of the existing building. The height of the volumes corresponding to the enlargement does not exceed the level corresponding to the second floor of the existing building when developing the new building by the lower part of the slope. The lace of the entire intervention was complex due to the orography, the multitude of affected properties and the links to the road network that surrounds the hospital complex.