Building for thirty houses

Daimiel, Ciudad Real. España.

In colaboration with Jose Antonio Mestre

Built Area: 4.319m²

Budget: 1.281.000€

It is an exercise of precise surgery that sutures with a piece of architecture the auction of this apple of the dense urban plot of the center of Daimiel.

Depending on the conditions of Ordinance, and in accordance with the wishes exposed by the property, the building’s program contemplates the design of houses including the ground floor, with a thorough use. The detail of distribution of the houses is of nine on the ground floor, ten in the first, six more, two other duplexes in the second and finally another three in the and plant.

On the ground floor, the access is rolled, prolonged by the ramp to the basement, in the dividing of Pósito Street. Below is the access portal that communicates with the lift device and the box of stairs, located in the center of the building, and that travel all the heights of the same. The rest of the ground floor is destined for housing.

The basement floor is destined to the use of garage, projecting twenty-three closed squares as a parking lot plus another nine seats, one for two-wheeled vehicles.