O’Irixo Technical and Offices Building

O’Irixo, Ourense. España.

Built Area: 965,25m²

Budget: 3.000.000€

Emerging from a typical landscape of the Central Galicia you find the building of multiple uses railway Irixo for the high-speed line Ourense-Santiago de Compostela.

Pure geometry contrasts with the architecture of the area, without any particular interest. It is a contrast sought to remark the arrival of the high speed to Galicia.

The proposal is embedded in a plot that is alive, evolving during the civil work of the maintenance base complex.

It has a very clear organization that allows an independent operation as a technical building and as an office building for the maintenance base of the line or in its case as a single building. It is based on three linear volumes of different lengths and heights distributed between the two types of railroad lines that surround the plot. The implementation of the construction in the plot serves to divide it into two and create two parking bags: a front for the offices of the base and another back for the technical building.

The geometry used to distribute the building follows faithfully to the analysis of the program. In addition, a system is used that allows to grow and adapt to some new need that arises or before changes that can present the plot in its definitive configuration without affecting the rest of parts.

The constructive system is based on the use of prefabricated concrete in several of its forms: structure, facade, divisions,…

ALPHA AIS carried out the project and the construction management.