Chamartín Technical Building

Madrid. España.

Built Area: 1.000m²

Budget: 1.500.000€

The building is embedded within a plot of action with an irregular shape, determined by the geometry of the plot on one side and the ramp to access tunnels for maintenance and emergency vehicles on the other.

The characteristics of the plot, as well as the functionality of the building itself, make the regularity and purity of forms of a construction type of installations of this caliber begin to configure a volume in which there are flown, outgoing and incoming zones, and Appear the need to break down the building to assume the uses of access control. It gives rise to an abstract general form that is located in a roundabout way in the city.

In the access plant the geometry is given by the access and maneuver of vehicles and the need to establish a building of control outside the main building. It is also given by the elevated position of the building with respect to the ground, being the technical building supported on the current slab.

In the first floor the occupation is obtained much more orderly because there are no external impediments, or of plot or use, so you obtain a regular form that in the case of necessity of growth of the building could occupy the same form as the plant of access.

The plant of installations returns again to respond to more functional criteria, in such a way that one seeks, on the one hand, within the scope of the first plant to close space for the equipment of installations, and on the other, the necessity to give cover protection to the zone of a Cceso of both people and vehicles and the loading and unloading area.

We have built and designed all the building facilities.