Actor’s Apartment

Madrid. España.

Built Area: 26m²

The small surface area of ​​the apartment requires an important space management exercise.

The strategy is to use the perimeters of the two main rooms and turn them into “smart”, able to hide inside from appliances to various storage spaces.

The main room has the functions of entrance hall, living room, dining room, kitchen, study and occasional bedroom. To achieve all this and also get a clean space, a table is integrated into one of those technical walls that is capable of becoming a dining table, study table, side table for the kitchen, and also adapt to the number of users (up to 5).


When we design furniture we know the importance of the details. And more when that furniture is versatile and moves. In this case, with the dining table a system of hinges and tongue and groove was devised to hide or mount the table with ease, and integrated into the furniture electrical outlets and push buttons.

We use light colors and simple lines to not visually load the stage where your tenant, amateur actor, can represent your day-to-day work.