Rehabilitaion of “Sant Yago” House

Los Molinos, Madrid. España.

Built Area: 178m²

Budget: 180.000

It’s a small but complex project. It is a complete rehabilitation of the house, including the dismantling and construction of a new cover due to the critical state that presented the structure of the existing cover.

The property wanted to preserve the original presence of the house for sentimental reasons so that the performance does not pose outside anything other than what was there, reusing in the process the materials that were dismantled and could be used.

The lighted concrete and the exposed metal joist are used, trying to make the cover the protagonist in a sincere way.

The constructive solutions have to be light so as not to overload the existing structure of load walls of masonry and superficial foundation. For this purpose, it was thought of metallic profiles, collaborating sheet and lightened concrete.

The roof structure allows to release all the interior space by leaning only on the perimeter by means of a metallic “tripod” that solves the encounter of the Bays.

The interior layout revolves around the staircase. Une, divides, articulates, relates.