Bonete Railway Building

Bonete. Albacete. España.

Built Area: 685m².

The plot is occupied by the existing building of about 200m ² and leaves two free zones on both sides of the building. These two areas are chosen to expand the building, with two modules that geometrically adapt to the available surface.


The materials used are the textured prefabricated concrete and galvanized steel.

The distribution of spaces is made by grouping stays according to their use. In the most western part is located the block of technical rooms dedicated to the energy, concatenated with each other and close to the center of sectioning of the public rush. The existing building, the central prism, is destined for the rest of the technical rooms, preserving a communication corridor that runs between the two lines of pillars of the existing structure and allows the pieces to be joined together. In the easternmost one, all the stays destined for maintenance are located.


The actions with respect to the existing building are the pre-conditioning to leave the raw volume, renovation of installations, reconfiguration of hollows to the outside leaving only those necessary for the air-conditioning of precision and a washing of face, Eliminating existing elements (luminaires, gratings, metal elements) and giving a superficial treatment to the concrete block with which it is constructed.