Railway Control Centre Madrid Extremadura

Mérida, Badajoz. España

Built Area: 2.200m²

The building is raised on a place with  an aggressive environment without personality. This is usually the place reserved for this type of railways buildings, being able to be due to its use, mainly technical, or to be in the shadow of another landmark of greater rank.

The solution is a clear piece that is shown emphatically in its construction, using the prefabricated concrete to achieve this objective. In addition, the speed of execution is important, vital for the commissioning of a high-speed line.

The commitment between how rational the building should be and what is representative within the functioning of trains is where the architectural effort is centered. Without concessions facing the gallery, but getting impact with simple decisions.

We use two references from Extremadura to configure the project:

Courtyard. It closes around it and allows to behave better in the climate of the area and also isolates from the aforementioned environment.

Roman rig (Opvs Cuadratum). With a single gesture it is possible to equip the facade with a continuity that makes it sufficient scale to be able to impose itself and contribute to improve what surrounds it.

The prefabricated concrete is worked in four different ways: recessed, perforated, perforated with glass and perforated with practicable glass. The enclosure behaves according to the need.