House of Culture


Los Molinos, Madrid. España.

Built Area: 1.674 m²

Contest convened by the City Council of Los Molinos (Madrid).

1st Prize Contest

In Colaboration with Carlos Ballesteros Alarcón.


The new House of the culture of “Los Molinos”  is without a doubt a representative element in the urban plot of the town.

The intervention creates a place that integrates in an existing route in the village and that would begin in the Plaza of Spain. It serves as a counterweight and suture the urban fabric of the town, creating tours that animate the area. It’s a milestone, a pole of attraction.

The building is developed on two floors to adapt to the orography of the terrain and to provide light to the ground floor opens a cleft that forms a courtyard where a poplar survives, the only element that exists in the plot.

The material used for the facade is the granite of the area, but with a special treatment: it is obtained from the coasters of the blocks that are extracted from the quarries, very texturized. It’s a counterpoint to the geometry of the building.