“Pilar y El Niño” House

Valdemorillo, Madrid. España

In colaboration with Carlos Ballesteros

Built Area: 204m²

Budget: 180.000€

The building is the result of an interpretation of the solar and its surroundings. The plot has a steep profile and a height of up to 5m and is located on one of the edges of the urbanization with what is a privileged location.

To the north, the Valmayor reservoir is visible; To the west, Mount Abantos. In the immediate vicinity, only low houses and mountain. And it is established in its surroundings in a rotund way, with a volumetry that allows it to complement itself with the nature that surrounds it.

It seeks to take advantage of this environment, to revalue it with this intervention and to consider it as part of the house.

The materials and the type of construction employed do not seek any flaunting but quite the opposite. There are No overcharges due to a conventional light structure. The facades are topped with plaster and painted white.

The dimensions, situation and type of facades are not arbitrary. Each one is specially designed to be of view or frame perspectives, or to look towards specific objectives, or to be protected because of their orientation, or placed to not break the privacy.