The most important points in our work are based on facing the orders in a non-preconceived way, under a creative work environment with different training and different points of view, intensely involving clients, users and the study, all based on good development of the project and a rigorous work control.

We have been working for years with the BIM methodology, which is the acronym of Building Information Modeling. It refers to methodologies and work procedures using information in a continuous and orderly manner, for later use in designing, using or building buildings. The main objective of BIM is to use and produce a single model of building information through the use and collaboration of all disciplines, to carry out a database as complete as having graphic and technical information of all the elements present. The use of this The methodology provides many short-term benefits, of which we can highlight:

• Unique data model in which all the information is shared

• Integration of multiple disciplines

• Continuous improvement in work processes

• Detection and solution of interferences between disciplines

• Making budgets and measurements more accurately

• 3D Modeling and Visualization